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Welcome to Resource Connect, a unit of The Resource Group Counseling and Education Center, Inc.

At Resource Connect, we know that addiction and mental health are closely linked—if we cannot understand the connection between them, we cannot fully recover. This is why we provide long-term solutions for addiction that are closely tied with mental health treatment and support.

Located in Towson, MD, our programs are certified by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration of the State of Maryland, and our multidisciplinary staff is well-versed in current research and continuing studies on addiction and recovery.

Take a look around these pages to learn more about how our staff and programs help people improve the quality of their lives through relapse prevention, life skills development, social support, and mindfulness practice.

Then, talk to us—we are here to help.

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Early Intervention Program

Resource Connect’s early intervention program is designed for people with little or no previous chemical dependency education.

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Standard Outpatient Program

The goal of the outpatient program is to sustain and deepen recovery for participants who have successfully demonstrated abstinence.

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Intensive Outpatient Programs

Our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs are just that, intensive. We require IOP and PHP participants to attend between three and five days a week, for three to six hours each day.

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Other Services

We offer a number of services to assist clients and their families during the recovery process, including family programs, assessments and testing, transportation and housing, psychotherapy and psychiatric services, and vocational support.

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